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Christmas Lights (11)

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100 METRE / 500LED String Fairy Light


Brightly's MASSIVE 100m fairy light string is the ultimate in home and garden styling or for creating lasting memories (and amazing photos) at weddings, events, parties and of course, seasonal occasions.

600 LED / 6m x 3m Curtain Light


Brightly's elegant 600 LED Curtain light will create lasting memories at events or stunning home and garden decoration.

30 METRE / 300LED String Fairy Light

$59.00 $45.00

If you're looking for a more compact fairy light string for decorating your home or garden, then Brightly's 30 metre string is for you.

6pc Value Pack x 2 Metre Battery Operated String Lights


Tiny and ultra-bright, battery-powered LED lights run along a flexible 2 metre insulated copper wire that can be easily weaved into floral or other arrangements.  This great value pack contains 6 individual strings.

50 Metre / 500LED Waterproof Solar String Light

$89.00 $60.00

Brightly's 50 Metre / 500 LED solar string light converts the day's sunshine to 6-8 hours of illumination at night.

100 METRE / 1000LED String Fairy Light

$160.00 $109.00

Brightly's famous 1,000 LED string is our largest length & LED combo.  If you're looking for the BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST for your home or event lighting, this fairy light is for you.

20 METRE / 200LED String Fairy Light

$49.00 $39.00

If you're looking for a more compact fairy light string for decorating your home or garden, then Brightly's 20 metre string is for you.

20 Metre Festoon Light

$99.00 $89.00

Achieve a classic look with Brightly's commercial quality 20m festoon light. Waterproof and heavy duty for all year round use.

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Starburst Hanging String Lights – Warm White – Battery Powered


Add firework-like effects to your decorating with Brightly's Starburst LED string light. This Warm White battery-powered hanging light comes in 3 great size options to suit any space.

2-10M Battery Powered String Light – Warm White


Brightly's 2-10m battery-powered string light in warm white is perfect for smaller or portable event arrangements.

20 Metre LED Festoon Light

$149.00 $120.00

Achieve a timeless look with Brightly's commercial grade 20 metre LED festoon light. Waterproof, heavy duty and low power consumption LED for illumination all year round.

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320LED / 2m x 3m Net Mesh Light


Net lights are the most popular choice for easily decorating outdoor trees and shrubs. Brightly's 320 LED net light is perfect for seasonal events, weddings or every day home decor.